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Oligobloc Complex Selenium

Mineral feed in blocks

Mineral feed for cattle and horses with a calcium/phosphorus ratio 1:1 (Ca 4.00% – P 4.00%).

The presence of Selenium helps to correct any deficiencies due to the low presence of this microelement in the soil: selenium enters the antioxidant enzyme chain protecting cells.

The organic form of part of the present selenium guarantees a better absorption: even the organic form of zinc contained in it ensures a greater assimilability.

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Available formats


Weight: 10 Kg
Packing: cardboard boxes or shrinkable film.
Package: 2 pieces

Cylindrical block

Weight: 5 Kg
Packing: cardboard boxes
Package: 4 pieces


Weight: 0,720 Kg
Packing: cardboard boxes
Package: 25 pieces

Optimal consumption verified on the farm

Cattle: 45-50 g cape/day –
Sheeps / Goats: 5-20 g cape/day

Oligomineral integration

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